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3rd Whitton Scout Group. Scout Association registration 19169. Registered Charity No. 1122512

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BEAVERS - ages 6 to 8. Beaver Scouts play team games and knock out games, as well as making and doing. They can earn a limited range of badges which need some effort appropriate to their age range. They are offered a more secure environment than the other stages. For example, Beavers would not camp out under canvas.

For general information about Beavers click HERE


We receive many enquiries from parents who want their child to start Beavers. We welcome enquiries and if necessary we may have a waiting list.

Please remember that we cannot accept a child until they have had their 6th birthday. This is a fixed Scout requirement.   

We have prepared a quick guide for prospective Beavers joining 3rd Whitton.


St Edmunds -  Friday      6.30 to 7.45pm